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20 July 2007 @ 23:00
Table Of Contents  
As my personal journal was getting cluttered and I wanted to make it easier to access my creative stuff, I now I bring you gunsmoke_orphan . It was originally going to be just a writing journal but then I saw how many art pieces and icons I was making nowadays (and the potential to make fanmixes e.t.c) so I decided to make it a multimedia journal. Notes on new stuff being added will of course be cross-posted to my journal as usual but I felt I really needed to centralise all my work. Feel free to browse around. I've archived everything into sections so just clicky on the relevant link to get where you desire. Feedback on all of my work is welcome... Reno-ina cannot survive without a bit of con-crit once in a while.

~ Writing ~

- Fanfiction
- Drabbles/Short Stuff
- Original

~ Art ~

- Fanart
- Original
- Icons/Banners

~ Music ~

- Fanmixes

~ Challenges ~

- Challenge Archive

*Please ask permission before using any of my art/sketches/coloured manga scans for banner or icon-making purposes. 
*Also, If you're wanting to use any of the icons I've created, feel free. Just remember to credit me when you upload them (by putting ' By <lj user="gunsmoke_orphan"> ' in the Comments section. You can substitute the 'gunsmoke_orphan' for 'lil_lost_kitten' if you wish, just please remember to link to one of my journals). 
*In the case of fanmixes its fine to download them, and always nice if you leave me a note to say that you've nabbed one and what you think of it, but not absolutely necessary.
*All my writing should be properly labelled with types/warnings/ratings/disclaimers, so if there's something in the content that might not agree with you (i.e. you disapprove of slash or have a squick about violence), then I suggest you don't read it. If you flame without having taken heed of this warning then I will laugh you off and delete your comment. Critical feedback is welcomed but flamers will get their butts kicked.
*Everything on this journal (unless expressed otherwise... i.e. disclaimers and the such, so don't sue me) is my artistic property. Don't be a plagurist.

- Reno-ina. xxx

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