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12 February 2009 @ 21:11
Final Injustices: A Betrayal Too Far  
Title: A Betrayal Too Far
Date: January 2009
Pairing: Vaguely implied one-sided Krycek/Mulder if you squint hard with those slash goggles.
Summary: Yet again teetering on the edge of betraying his nemesis, Krycek's luck finally runs out. Yet there is no final vengeance and no final justice either.
Rating: G
Warnings: Only spoilerific if you haven't watched S8 of 'The X-Files'. Otherwise, just Violence + Angst.
Disclaimer: I am in no way claiming I own this character or any other from 'The X-Files' and am in no way profiting from the writing of this drabble. I don't think people would pay me for only writing 100 words either... but anyways... don't sue.
Notes: Unfair death is unfair... drabble written... point made... nuff said.
Words: 100

This wasn’t as he’d planned it. He didn’t want it ending this way; there was just no choice. So much rested on this one moment, on the life of the man standing before him.
Pathetic words of reasoning drawled from between reluctant lips. What kind of justification was that?
His finger hesitantly tightened on the trigger with the uncertainty of a hardened assassin unable to make a kill.
Then pain… the clatter of a gun on concrete… a feeble attempt to claw back dignity followed by more pain. So it ends with an injustice: to stare down a stranger’s bullet.

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