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30 March 2008 @ 15:17
Superior's Plaything  
Title: Superior's Plaything
Date: 29th March 2008
Pairing: Cytomander/Viral
Media: Graphite Pencil Line Art
Rating: R
Warnings: Sexual Themes, Non-Con.
Disclaimer: Much as I'd like to own Viral, I don't *sad face*. He and all the other characters in 'TTGL' belong to their original creator and anime studio Gainax. No profit is being made from this art so please to not be suing me.
Notes: Well, what can I say, the web needs more Viral smut. Nuff said. Possibly one of the most successfully posed sketches I have drawn recently, I do plan to colour it when I have time, but am slightly daunted by the prospect.

Emotional State: hornyhorny
Song Stuck In My Head: I Hope You Die (Bloodhound Gang)
littleamirgirl on 30th March 2008 18:04 (UTC)
You made me drool, thank you. (*o*) Plz to be sharing moar art!
Reno-ina, Princess Subtext.: TTGL - Viral Crazylil_lost_kitten on 30th March 2008 18:26 (UTC)
*feels proud* Glad you like so much. This pairing is currently my guilty pleasure along with my Het *gasp* OTP(and there is totally not enough fanart out there for either of the pairings). I might actually do a follow-on pic to this one (when I have some time and space to myself).
littleamirgirl on 30th March 2008 18:27 (UTC)
Hehe~♥ Well if you get around to it, I'll totally be here to see it if you post it. (^_^)
Delradicalphantom on 16th May 2008 00:24 (UTC)
Love it love it

He fits so nicely onto his lap,<333
Reno-ina, Princess Subtext.: Viral - Back In Rapturelil_lost_kitten on 16th May 2008 02:33 (UTC)
Heh heh... he does, doesn't he? The perfect plaything... *grins*

Glad you like it, hun.
*reminds self needs to do more TTGL fanart now I've got more free time*